Monday, 1 March 2010

The Tunnel of Hell: Leake St.

Of course the title for the latest expedition into London's dark and dingy spaces is quite apt. Leake St tunnel started its life as an exhibition space for stencil art by Banksy, it sits in the heart of Waterloo and is a magnet for worldwide street art/graffiti lovers, models doing photo shoots, blinged out boy racers with their souped up minis and monster munch eating degenerates looking to steal paint.
Myself, Bonzai, Lovepusher, Towns and Vibes decided to call a committee meeting and give this space some extra paint treatment. Special guest was Rask from TDA Klann in Ireland.
We decided to go for a basic out of space background, nothing too fancy but just let some good graf sit in the space. Future Leake St treatments are being planned. Watch this space.

Special thanks to Towns and Vibes who dropped incredible pieces of art. Check out them flying the flag for UK graf on

I feel something big coming on

Lovepusher is in the zone

This could take a while..

Todays special mix

Bonzai gets involved

Boy racers join in with cranked up stereos.... nice!

Finished Towns from RT crew

Nice Vibes. go check RT Website.

Bonzai's Intergalactic journey. Where will it end?

Lovepusher with a classic ' Remember Jesus '

Rask from TDA / TNB family

The tunnel gets lifted

Detail shots....more....more

Was that Octopus I ate last night?

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