Monday, 8 March 2010

Where will I spend my happy days?....Market Estate N7

Saturday 6th March saw the opening for one day of a huge project involving over 75 artists located on the Market Estate on North Road N7.
I was invited to participate in the project and instantly fell in love with the space I was given.
Estates are weird places in a sense that strangers make their lives together or alternatively people can live out reclusive lives on their own.
I tasked myself to paint out all the rooms under the theme 'Where will I spend my happy days?'
The first week was spent totally transforming the garden and the shed and getting rid of the rubbish which seemed endless. During the painting I met the previous tenant Andrea and her children who managed to tell me a little history of the place and their memories of living on the Market Estate.
Whilst clearing out the shed I found a fascinating stack of books from a deceased tenant including a 50s book on magic and a racist titled book since re-titled and written by none other than Agatha Christie.
The Market Estate is soon to be demolished along with the work. You can see the project here and a film version here

On the day, some of the artwork was given away including a huge teddy from the kitchen and some specially made hand cut miserable wood flowers.

Home sweet home

Garden needs a bit of work

Nice bit of wood panelling

Lovely living area, ideal for parties

And now the headlines..

The bedroom features en suite Graffiti

Bedtime stories

I make a start with new Montana Black samples

How does my garden grow? Miserably..

Jules takes ownership of my misery flower

Outside in the garden

Most people want this

Man hanging as performance art. So tough

Tamworth House in full

Laura from Hungerford Primary school wins the green alien face

Chester P gets the Graf piece

Martina Sprengart and Amanda Adomaitis are looking after teddy

Green face giveaway proves popular

You're scaring me now

This lady gets the last of the flowers.

Deb and Josh take a peak outside

The mask from the ground up.

Tonight the streets are ours.... Goodnight!

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