Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Future elements At Sadlers wells.

Recently I worked on the Future Elements project at Sadlers Wells which involved working with a small group of young people to produce costumes and artwork. Our brief was simple, take about 30 young people and work out an idea to make a music video in one week. The video has to have a storyline, dancing, music and be filmed by a professional crew.
After the first day the concept was nutted out which was the geeks vs the cool kids. They were to have a dance off 'Beat Street' style and what would unite them in achieving how to Bop was a character called 'Mr Merkage'.
My graf group was responsible for making the cool kids and geek outfits and also the background piece. We took lyrics from the song and painted them onto the board with a huge Bop which went across the whole 20ft section of the boards. Stencils were used to make all over images of the word 'Bop' on the Tshirts and at one point I was seriously thinking I could get this lot a stall at Camden Market and knock these out for serious cash!
As with most things video and music, the deadline was tight and the group worked up to the point of shooting for the video. The filming was done by Mo-am (youtube) headed up by none other than Overlord X, a rapper from the 90's who inspired me very early on with his music. Jonzi D headed up the rap section with Kewba on music.
Many thanks to Kate and Roisin at Sadlers Wells for putting together this programme and for the young people who put in the hard work to make the finished product happen. The video will be shown at this years Breakin' Convention 2010 and also on Youtube.

Future Elements

Its Geek time

The prototype Tshirts on Day 1

Lyrics from the song are painted up

We're the cool kids cos we can BOP!

Calling out to Dr.Merkage

We go straight over with SPRAY!

The crew worked hard

No paint was wasted

Do the BOP

The costume dept at work

The geeks sit at the front

Geek/ Cool kid Throwdown

Dr. Merkage represents

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