Tuesday, 23 November 2010

No one rules if no one obeys.

Myself and Motor collaborated recently on another lawless and wild idea. Turn up and try and paint 'til sundown production.
Whilst Motor decided on characters I went for a burnt, sun-drenched, sun-dried tomato inspired painting. Also featured in this mural were downed cables inspired by a recent documentary I watched about copper cable theft in South Africa and how Telkom lose millions of Rand each year through this. Its bizarre but it works. Enjoy!

Motor gets involved. www.infomotor.blogspot.com

I miss South African sunsets this time of year.

There's always a robot in there.

Wheel of fortune.

The Tokoloshe pizza delivery.

Telkom wires down...no internet.

Admiring the Art in SW9.

Leopard Skins.

pass this on...

Motors amazing world!

Here comes the sun and I feel...

.... IRIE!

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