Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter wonderland.

Myself and Motor recently completed some sub zero artwork on The Stockwell Park Estate. Alongside some of the regulars we gave the playground a good layer of colour to see it into the winter and inspire the locals into being creative.

Motor goes for the ice caps.

Using up old stocks of car paint.

Shout to Toe in Cape Town.

Corze goes for old school fill.

Merc ACR, keeps it stylish.

Simply Rockers finest.

Bonzai on character duty.

Zaki Dee, TCA, not mucking about.

Snatch PFB.

Jive talking.

Just before the snow.

Motors finished mural.

Was thinking strawberry?

Fragmented outlines.

Dripping snow.


Baby its cold outside..

All is quiet....for now..

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