Monday, 20 December 2010

Painting where Polar Bears fear to tread.

Sepr gets involved.
Epok gets stuck in Don't sleep on this!
No Reindeer were hurt in the making of this artwork
We make fire to stay alive
What goes on must go down.
Everything drips in these conditions
-6 Degrees. Heavy Snow. Artwork Done

Britain at the moment is in the grip of some of the coldest weather in recent years. Public transport is running with delays, roads are gridlocked with zombiefied shoppers and the pavements are like ice rinks. It was only right that I get out and link with Bonzai, Epok, Sepr and Poer to go do a wall up East. Having scrambled together the neccesary emergency supplies ( Mars Bars and water + Tea money) we headed up to the spot. Over the next 4 hours we endured heavy snow and -6 temperatures, what a perfect way to spend the day? In the interest of global warming ( which I am in favour of) I decided to build a fire to keep us warm and possibly roast any rodent that happens to pass by.
We were done after 4 hours and headed to The Wentworth Arms, a rather small but local establishment in Mile End for some post match analysis.

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