Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A piece of New York Graffiti History

Recently on the Stockwell Park Estate I put together a wall featuring Rome, Merc, Don, Motor, Rask and Baqsr from Ireland and a special guest from New York 'Duster UA'.

Back in the late 70's/80's Duster formed 'United Artists' alongside Seen and PJ. They were consistent and prolific writers on the New York Subway System. They both featured in Subway Art and a film by Henry Chalfont and Tony Silver called 'Style Wars' which propelled them into a worldwide arena and became an inspiration to many graffiti writers worldwide.

Duster's story is a typical Graffiti story from New York; a kid finds a passion for art and expresses himself becoming recognised for it. From nothing he becomes somebody and an icon within his scene for his achievements. All this happening in a unique time in New York's history that combined music, art, beef, drama and personal struggles.

The Subway writers in New York laid the foundation for writing worldwide and its thanks to them that we have this movement today. And like any movement which wants to stay strong it takes commitment, hard work and innovation by its practitioners in order for it to move forward.

Dusters visit to The Stockwell Hall of Fame will hopefully inspire more writers to make something positive out of this art-form.

Many thanks to Don for organising the event and also the countless writers who turned up to show support and paint.
Welcoming Duster to the Stockwell Park Estate.

Duster lets the train take the strain!

Starting positions, this is going to be a long day.

Motor works while the guys chat Sport

Pink and blue the winning combo.

Could all personnel please make their way to the wall?

This is not a yard, you can slow down.

A One Dollar subway fare with free art show. Great!

Duster has a big tin of Pink spray and is not scared.

Work in progress.

Don rocks the corner spot.

Stop talking and get some work done.

Rome and Merc combine to make noise.

Baqsr from Ireland.

The circus is here......Motor and Solo.

Rask representing TDA and TNB.

Duster drops a simple New York Style....we love it..

Simple styles from Don.

The wall gets signed, I might make this into a Tshirt.

TNB Snowflakes all up in your area.

Next we rebuild the economy.

See Motors work at www.infomotor.blogspot.com

The freaks come out all day.

What goes up must come down.

Everybody loves CHOK.

Demo gets in pastel mode.

Inkfetish is scaring me......

Sky High rocks the spot.

Yonda is sick bruv!

GFUNK Allstars.

What can't Jasik do with Chrome?

The Zorso on a very wet day on the estate.

Baqsr's got a website, its on the kerb.

Demo charge placed.

Rask with styles so sharp, they could hurt!

Motor writes a seasonal message.
Waterloo gets another lick.

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