Friday, 30 December 2011

The end is nigh.

Its Game Over........for this year
The Aliens are comming.
Intergalactic love patrol.
It came from Outer Space.
Royal Academy.
Its Comming....
As the sun sets in the city..............
Green issue combat.
Freestyle is the only style.
Inspired by
Words inspired by Dr.Michael Parenti.
Chum 101 in action.
The ladies are happy.....for now.
Classic styles.
Working into the its not cold.
Art by Chum 101. Go Google him.
Frantic styles.
Why think twice when you can..........
................Think Mulsh!
Flying into Brixton Airport.
The eagle has landed.
Go Green, Go Light Green, Go even Greener.
80's conspiracies Infamous last words.
The Future Sound of London

So we're approaching the end of the year into what will be a turbulent 2012 ( according to the mayans). Should the system completely break down we will probably ride the apocalypse with paint, finishing outlines and throwing the tins into the recycling. So its business as usual, thanks to the many people who have supported the programme, to Community Trust housing, the residents of Stockwell park Estate for the love and Madeira Cafe for the Coffee.

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