Sunday, 1 January 2012

Waking up to 2012....and Fightin Irish.

Coffee's kicked in, now time to work.
Its 2012, the futures now.
Infamous Last
Wrist on character duty.
2012 has some frantic energy....and it's only day 1.
Alien space man on the floor....they can see us.
Fightin Irish....Dublin,Drogheda,Cork,Limerick....TDA Klann...oneLove
Dedicated to Al Smith, 1st Irish American Govenor of New York.
Outer space aliens are watching and waiting....
Intergalactic lazer beams.....
Happy 2012. Lets make this an epic year, rather than a bad disaster film.

The start of a brand new year can only mean one thing and that's to get friends together and paint something BIG...ish. January 1st was a mixture of cloud and rain, nothing new here and joining in the fray were Bonzai and Wrist.
Today's piece was inspired by a fantastic series looking at the history of New York from its early beginnings to the current day. New York is a city that pulled so many people in from all over the globe who sort either refuge or were looking for a better life.
The Irish made up a huge number of people flocking to the city and became a major part of the workforce whilst enduring some of the harshest living conditions. I was interested in the story of Al Smith who as an Irish American fought for social and work reforms for the working classes , especially the low paid garment workers and tenement dwellers of the time.
Al Smith later went on to be the first Irish American Governor of New York and his commitment to social change being cemented into New York's history. You can watch this fantastic series here:
Here's to 2012 I hope you all feel inspired to create something positive in this World.

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