Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Brixton Windmill Restoration Mural.

Positive Arts in conjunction with the National Heritage Lottery fund recently undertook a restoration on the old Brixton Windmill mural on Lyham road.
The mural was originally painted in 1983 by artists Mick Harrison and Caroline Thorp. Over time the mural faded and was looking well weather beaten until local organiser Vinnie O 'Connell and Positive Arts came up with a plan to restore it to its original beauty and give the local community something colorful to look at.
The mural featured the recently restored Brixton Windmill, the only one of its kind in London and also some images of bread making, the cogs in the windmill and Ben the dog from the nearby Windmill music venue on Blenheim Gardens.
Here is a stage by stage photo montage of its completion. The photos do it no justice so please take a look if you are in Brixton.
for more information check out www.positivearts.co.uk
 A look from 1988
 2012.Clean wall. Start marking out
 This could take a while.
 The crew look on
 Brian Barnes, painter of Nuclear Dawn in Brixton looks on
 The public have a go
 People get involved
 More support
 The bucket pulley system kindly donated.
 The mural progresses
 Background duty
 Now the houses
 The Windmill gets filled in
 Oi Oi
 Gremlins pop up
 Liam painted the original mural in 1983
 Attention all units
 Done, wheres the Scaffolding crew?
 Scaff crew get to work...hurry up we want to see!
 Party is on
 Resident Ricky shows his canvas by ' Spray saint'. Old School
 Finished. Go see it on Lyhem Road
 Ride arrives......
 Party is on

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