Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Iz The Wiz Tribute

The weekend of the 17th June, 2012 saw the annual tribute to Graf legend Iz the Wiz take place in the Graffiti pit on Stockwell park estate.
Many thanks to all those who took part.

 We begin
 Best tribute
 Rolling through the 80's
 Total respray
 King of the street
 Simply the Best
 Bike respray
 Respray club.
 Matching frame
 Don't watch this
 State of Art.......Nonstop
 From the archives

 Big IZ. Rest in Peace
 B boys
 Far Rockaway
 Beach 90th st
 This Iz it....
 This Iz it.....
 This IZZZ it, This IZZ it....
 and the Sunshine band.
 The braai is fired up
 The Dukes of Hazard
 Rest In Peace
 Meat braai
Hands Of Doom

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