Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix kicked off in October at the Yas Marina circuit and I was asked if I could paint a series of pictures to coincide with this event at Abu Dhabi International Airport.
The project was to paint and encourage travelers to interact with the paintings and also do some drawing themselves. Having a studio in the departure lounge in one of the richest cities in the world didn't seem like a bad idea and top that off with people from all over the world passing by to do outlines I felt like this could be the beginning of something new.

The highlights of this project were discussing art and poetry with a delegation of Pakistan Government officials and a great Russian family who missed their flight and joined me for 2 nights in a row.

The paintings I made were fast productions. I had one day on them and they all could have done with some major tweaking but on the plus side, the Abu Dhabi International Airport Company liked them so much they now want to display them around the airport for the world to see!

The Race.


Circuit break.




Love speed.

The seed.

The circuit.


The Formula.

The flower.

Company representatives take a closer look.

Back-up support for the fill-in.

Betty and Feiruza join in.

Sinan helps out on drips.

Serene and Ines worked overtime in overdrive to make it happen!

Great drawing! Get the blu-tack out and stick it up.

Ines worked too hard.

Serene brought tranquility to this project.

Customer services were great!

Olga, Marina and Nina from Moscow.

Olga and her squeezy flower.

The tallest mobile phone mast palm tree in Abu Dhabi!


  1. some of my favourite solo one things these. sounds like a good time.