Friday, 27 November 2009

Shooting stars.

Recently friend and photographer Anthony Saint James paid us a visit from the US to take part in a exhibition called 'The Witches'. This show was a collaboration with Inkymole, Tom Hare and Ed Garland.
During his visit to Brixton I managed to get to shoot a sequence of pictures while I painted.
What I like about Anthony's work is he captures a unique but interesting look in what he shoots. I had a Busta Rhymes photo of his from XXL magazine which I'd ripped out of the mag unknown to me that it was Anthony that shot it. Happens to be one of my faves.
I managed to snap a shot of Anthony on my Canon, not sure I got the exposure levels correct but if Blue Peter had been down there that day I reckon i would have scored a few badges for my efforts. I'll let you decide whether you think I need to stick to painting....

Portrait shot of Anthony taken on my Canon powershot A1100 is

Its November, wrap up!

Love this city.

Close up of heart mural.

More detail.

Love, up close.

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