Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Zayed University mural

On the 28th October I was invited to Zayed University in Abu Dhabi to talk about the work I have done on the streets around the UK. I was also asked to paint a mural with members of an art group at the University.
For the concept of the mural the basic idea was the word Zayed. The University was named after the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who ruled the Emirate from 1971 to 2004.
Sheikh Zayed through hard work and vision united the Emirates into the U.A.E. He had to overcome many obstacles to make it happen but his commitment, dedication and love of his people shone through and he created a great country.
For the mural the word Zayed was written in Arabic and in yellow to represent the desert. The trees either side are the growth of the U.A.E and the blue eye is the sky.
The students helped out with painting and added words to the trees in Arabic.

Thank you to all the students who took part and to Dr Justin Thomas and Naz K. Shahrokh at the Art and Design department for organising the materials and the team.

Back to University

Abu Dhabi's finest.

We start with the blue..

The students working hard

The basics are in now we can start the filling in.

Find a spot and paint... if you can!

I let the experts take care of the tree.

The students work the colour scheme.

Amazing henna art, U.A.E. style.

Great henna art.

and now for the finer detail.

Dedicated to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

What's in the tree?

The beautiful script.

The honor code.


Where are we going with this?

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