Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Return to Brixton Village

I couldn't resist going back to Brixton village and giving the walls another seeing too.
The idea was to take a real grimy wall space and see what could be achieved in a couple of days. I kept the colours green to give a natural feel to the space.
Enjoy the transformation and if you are in the area drop by and sample Brixton Village's amazing foods.

Watch this space..

Should just take a couple of days.

Base of the wall is in, just need the sun..

Here comes the sun!

One day, a few tins of paint and plenty of Hot chocolate.

Close up detail. The S..

the eyes they watch everything..

this is part of the L

What does this do?

Today is pepper day!

The eyes, they follow me everywhere.

2d cartoon meat joints for sale

Fresh fish surprise

Deep fried octopus with fries?

Great fish at the market

The eyes, they still follow me

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