Monday, 18 January 2010

Three man army

This weekend's collaboration saw me team up with Demo from Holland and Keen WRH.
Keen needs no introduction to anyone who knows about UK Graffiti culture. His letter-styles have been a personal favourite of mine for 20 years and he's knocked out productions with sincerity and dedication.
Demo keeps his graf consistent and always produces something sharp. I got boxed in on this one which wasn't a problem.
Today we had sunshine which even though it was 5 degrees felt like a heatwave.
Enjoy this winter collabo.

Wall is primed, will it dry though?

Pieces are marked up, lets roll..

Into the zone, look forward.

Keen's finished, Photo time!

Solo piece in a protective shield!

Rest in Peace to INFOE - KTC crew

Demo in fine style

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