Monday, 18 January 2010

The weather men

Recently on The Stockwell Park Estate I had the good fortune to work with artists Smug, Eskum and Bonzai on a collaboration mural. Our timing in terms of the weather could not have been worse as the heavens threw down what they could on us.
The suggestions of water proof paint, inventions to keep water off the wall and general bemoaning all came up during our many breaks at the Madeira Cafe over the road. In fact had it not been for their great coffee and amazing custard tarts I think I would have gone home defeated.
The wall took a battering but at least guest artists Smug and Eskum went home with some decent photos and a good story...
The weather hasn't got me beaten, its all about waking up that extra hour early and getting out there to achieve. Enjoy!

Here comes the rain again, run to the cafe!

Artist Smug gets into his Gothic Girl portrait

Artist Bonzai builds up the layers

Artist Eskum works the letters

The walls are wet, we get nervous..

Detail of my letter piece.

Close up Detail..What is it?

The centre of the piece..with Planet Doughnut

Reflections in water, some kind of starfish

Bonzai's letter detail

Eskums fine letter detail

1 finished wet wall...voila!

Smug's gothic girl

Eskum's complicated and intricate letter style

Bonzai goes intergalactic

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