Thursday, 26 May 2011

The carrot must go....

The carrot's got to go yo!
Intense Motor Activity
The party starts here
No mucking about, no seriously.....
Spectator sport

Colour riot

The finishing line

A return to East London was on the cards recently for myself and Motor to spend a day fixing up the spot we have off Brick Lane. A quick decision was made on what was to stay or go on the wall so I decided to mulsh out the huge carrot which would end up sitting on top of my piece. Some things just have to go. Motor painted her signature characters complete with symetrical background.
Fortunately for us we had the sun all day even though overhead their was constant helicopter activity courtesy of President Obamas visit to London. At one point we were circled by Chinooks and I couldn't help thinking that maybe me wearing my keffeyah scarf might be a cause for a security concern. Unfortunately I had to face the wrath of two disgruntled Italian Street artists who painted the carrot as to why it had been painted over. After failing miserably to convince them how good the wall was going to look without the carrot I settled with them threatening to come back and destroy the wall, which would be great as being a painter i'd get to do it twice!
This wall is currently on The Alternative London Tour so if you fancy a differant view of this fair city go check out

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