Monday, 30 May 2011

The Falafal Kings.

Here we go again
People who write this need to paint more often
Yeah right
Rasty in Grove
Its happening above our heads
Chemtrail spraying over London
Geo engineering the weather through modification
Chemtrails forming a haze over London
Chemtrail pollution
Chemical attack
Our atmosphere is poisoned
Food for thought

Todays escapades were fuelled by Portobello Roads finest establishment ' Falafal King'. I never usually plug businesses but this place is so special. I had the pleasure to meet Towns RT in there who unfortunately was unable to paint due to the wet weather. What was really strange was that he was painting under the motorway, I guess the rain slants really bad there. One place I won't be painting. How very strange some folk. Check out Falafal kings.
Meanwhile Chemtrails are continuing to be sprayed over London.

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  1. Falafel King rocks but the Malaysian is the spot!