Sunday, 29 May 2011

Carrots revenge

Disgruntled street artists show their true colours
Hmmn, not quite picasso.
Fixed and filled.
Rasty from Johannesburg
Chaos from order

Always cancel out street art

It seems like the 'purple carrot' people carried out their threat of retaliation on our wall for painting over their carrot. If I had known such an iconic piece of street art had meant so much to them I would probably have left it up but the thought of having one of my favourite veg's hanging above my work and then having to explain to everyone who asks, the huge Veg leaves me terrified. I kind of worked out it must have been a real ball ache painting that huge thing but when it comes to doing what I do large, it is never a pain to get rid if that street art rubbish. So Rasty and Motor joined in the fun. If it lasts it lasts, if not we'll be back next week. Enjoy, and get out into the city.....and explore these places.

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