Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Albert Street School...Class is in session.

The Albert Street School, located in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa, was shut down in 1958 during the Apartheid era. It recently reopened in July of 2008 as a refugee school under the direction of Bishop Paul Verryn and the Central City Mission.

The school now teaches Grade 1 through 12 and comprises approx. 585 refugee children (mainly from Zimbabwe but serving students now from 12 nations). The staff of 21 teachers, 3 administrators, 5 cooks, 2 guards, one secretary, and one maintenance staff person are all refugees from Zimbabwe. There are currently 120 unaccompanied minors --without either parent or any guardian -- that are in desperate need of support and sponsorship for unforms, school supplies and school fees.

The school is funded almost entirely by donations and Bishop Paul Verryn and Principal William Kandowe have worked hard to make the school a place of safety and learning for the young Zimbabweans in Johannesburg.

During my visit to the school at the request of Derek Smith I wanted to create a mural in one of the classrooms which would transform the room and also bring colour to the walls in order to create an inspiring environment. The mural depicted the suns rays shining out from Zimbabwe and heading for a tree of knowledge. The mural took 6 hours to complete and was greatly recieved by the students.

Many thanks to Derek Smith, Principal William Kandowe  and all the teachers at the school for their hard work and commitment. I would also like to thank the teachers for combining the classes while the mural was being painted, thanks for your patience.

To help and donate please contact

Richard Bosart
Director, Southern Africa Methodist Volunteers in Mission (SAMVIM)

You can also make a direct donation:
CMM Deaconess Society - Albert Street School
First National Bank, RMB Private Bank Johannesburg.
 The Albert Street School
 The good news is, no class in here today.
 Essential body parts
 Lets make a start
 Base coat on, now going in.
 The light from Zimbabwe shines across Africa.
 Lighting up the tree of knowledge.
 The students seem to like it.
 Rise up and salute the sun.
 Principal William Kandowe.
 The senior students come to take a look
 The tree of Knowledge continues to grow
 Zimbabwean Dollars....a lot of them.
 Rasty and Curio bless the wall.
 The light of Africa
 Principal William Kandowe and students
 The original Stone
 Is that the bell I heard?
 Maize meal
 Inside the Methodist Church next to the school.
The Foundation Stone

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