Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Johannesburg, City of Gold 2012.

Making De Beers look dull
Gallery is packed
The Incredible Lazoo and Curio
Hac 1 and Angel
Plenty of art
Solo and Rasty
BBM me
Thoughtful landscapes
Atom = Bomb
Jeppe getting some colour
Full Force Crew
Jeppe Crew are LARGE!
Do not enter
Jeppe security.
Visit other Planets
Love South Africa
The fieatas crew
Love the corner store
Yes it will.

The City of Gold festival kicked off at Afronova's on the 15th April. This show featured work by Atom, Solo, Lazoo, Tasso, Cas, Okuda, Rasty, Mak 1, Toe and Curio. To kick off the show Solo painted a couple of street locations in Johannesburg to get warmed up for the next line up of projects. Follow the show at www.cityofgoldfestival.co.za

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