Tuesday, 24 April 2012

City of Golden people.

The piece for this years City Of Gold festival  was inspired by ancient African Mask imagery and the rich sunsets of Africa. Johannesburg's sunsets are amazing in the way that light bounces off the buildings and create rich warm tones. During the creation of this piece many people came to stop by and comment and it's become quite a talking point in the Braamfontein district.
Special big ups to the students at Rosebank College who came to chat about the design, the universe and whether we are alone on this earth. More of that in the next blog. For more Graf related stuff check out www.cityofgoldfestival.co.za for the full line up.
 The Hour of the time
 Humble beginnings
 Okuda is way ahead
 Ready to roll but first.....
 need to check documentation.
 Inspiration from the Motherland
 Lady in red
 Passing by
 close up
 Ona comes through
 Like this
 Real nice detail
 Zizipho and friend.
 Revenge of the nerds
 Everybody loves the sunshine
 Ona and Zizipho. Rosebank's finest.
 The Motherland
 Africa's number one crew
 Roxette, Babazile and Kedibone
 Nobayeni knows how to use Turquoise.
 Simply the best
 Love Johannesburg.
 Crew shot, and action.
 The centre of the world....
 Kedibone waits
 The street art tour passes by
 They live
 Phummy rocks
 nearly sunset
 Last photos
 Nearly done
The sun goes down near Nelson Mandela bridge......Amandla!

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